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Hello to Harley Davidson people out there. Let me tell you about Demon's Cycle Pompano Beach. I did see complaints on he Harley Forum on these pigs . People on that site need to come here and post as well as on Pissed Consumer .com so people see it . These guys have the worst parts, the worst service, no warranty on anything, just try and Return something. A bunch of ***'s

After looking for new wheels for my FLSTSB and seeing the expensive prices demon's cycles wheels looked pretty good. So I purchased one of their so called High quality, NOT A KNOCK OFF TOP SHELF front old school Chopper Wheel.

I thought it was a great deal, by the way the Box to them said (MIDWEST CYCLE) the parts Distributors ,the real pigs who are distributing this Chinese *** all over he country. Oh yea they label the box like the wheels are made in iowa .

Anyway I put this what was beautiful wheel on my bike. I rode the bike approx. 50 miles and put it back into the garage. three weeks later I pulled he bike out to detail it and the front wheels spokes and nipples were totally rusted out , pitted and black. It was a shock, I have never seen anything go away so fast. Being an Aircraft Mechanic I know about metal.

So I called Demon's Cycle on this issue and they were going to take it back until I told them that it was on the bike for a month. Thats when the baloney started. SORRY SIR, THEIR IS NO REFUNDS ON WHEELS IF YOU MOUNTED IT ON THE BIKE. Are you kidding me ? So I asked the fella what would I do, buy a wheel keep it in the closet and then send it back because it rusted out ?

They offered to sell a better wheel, and do Nothing about the junk they sold me. I called Mid West Cycle Supply as well. They don't give a *** either. So Im stuck with this wheel hat now is really bad. It's funny as the rim and the hub is fine. The spokes and nipples are gone. Do not buy anything from these guys,. They are totally full of it and will ***. You can only hope that they sell some junk to the H.A's and these idiots try and jack them around. That will be their demise. They call themselves Americans ? They named it right, a bunch a demon's base in Florida, the rip you off state (and get away with it)

I was very driven to stop by their office for a visit however I changed my mind because I figured that they would *** me off so bad I may break something.


Monetary Loss: $600.

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they are real *** off's , I bought a frame from them 2 years ago they told me they send the Certificate of origin by mail and not with the frame for security resons, week's went by and nothing, so I call them and they tell me the don't sell those frame's anymore because they had trouble with the builder. Then they tell me I'll have to go to the state and have them inspect the bike and a whole lot of other B***sh*t , so I still see they are still selling the same frame I bought, so I call them (not telling them who I was or that I had already bought the same frame from them earlier) and they said they had no problems with that frame and had them in stock with certificate of origin so then I told them who I was and what the deal was and then they hung up on me. So I called back and they said not to call them anymore or face legal issue's , so buyer beware it cost me $1500 in useless metal

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #956286

PISSED SPENT $500.00 on a front end the lower tree one of the fork stop holes was drilled at a angle

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #703786

Please keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject. Personal attacks will be deleted. No Links or scripts.thks for the heads up man .im lookin into at a 60 spoked front wheel they have advertised :(

to pc Huntington Beach, California, United States #703913

Yea right. These guys deserve all of the personal attacks they can get but thank for the advise. You have been warned about the Chinese Junk Wheels. And to the 8 guys that work for Demons that said my comments are ***...........I'm sure you are running this JUNK Huh ? It would have been so much easier for China to take this wheel back and refund me. Now they will have to deal with me and the other 500 people that are not happy with their products and crappy customer service. Check the warranty out Before you Buy anything from them. DEMONS CYCLE JUNK!!! - Harley Davidson Forums › ... › Good Or Bad Shopping Experiences At HDF?

Aug 14, 2007 - Just about 2 months or so ago there was post where someone had got screwed by them. With that thread, and this one..Demon Cycle has lost a ...

Demons cycle HORRIBLE company... Cheap garbage... poor ... Feb 17, 2012

Demon's Cycle Sucks Oct 29, 2011

Demon's Cycle Complaint (FYI) Sep 30, 2010

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Google "Complaints against DEmons Cycle. Read The Harley Forum on these losers.

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